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12th July 2019, 19:41

House Debates Abortion Bill as activists protest before Parliament lobby

Parliament has debated an abortion bill which will see the Government passing legislation by majority - a legislation which will not come into effect pending the result of a referendum in March 2020. The bill was not supported by the GSD Opposition, who said a referendum should be held on an open question on whether abortion should be legal, and not just on the bill. The bill was however backed by Together Gibraltar Leader Marlene Hassan Nahon, although she said she would not support the commencement clause dealing with the referendum.

After almost six hours of debate, the proposed legislation was passed by a majority of 10 to seven. Government Ministers voted in favour, with the exception of Minister for Commerce Albert Isola, who said "my faith, my religion prevents me from voting for this bill". On the opposition benches, the GSD voted against, while Ms Hassan Nahon - notwithstanding her opposition to a referendum - supported the bill after trying in vain to pass a significant number of amendments.