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10th November 2021, 20:28

Hundreds of people attend 'Justice for Carolina' march from Casemates to the Convent

Hundreds of people have attended the March for Justice in protest at the handling of the Lishman case, where Real Lishman was sentenced for killing his wife, Carolina in 2017, and last month was successful in having his sentence for manslaughter reduced.

Protesters called for an Independent Inquiry with questions as to why the sentence has ended up being so lenient.

The march was peaceful but certainly not silent with protesters encouraged to make their voices heard. And they did! The chants of "4 years is not enough" "We want Justice" and " Independent Inquiry now" reverberated down Main Street as demonstrators made their way to the Convent.

Among them Opposition members, including the leader of the Opposition and Together Gibraltar Leader Marlene Hassan Nahon. 

Once outside the convent a message from Carolina's family was read out. The Governor met the protesters and they handed him a letter with documentation, which he has agreed to look into.

After receiving it, Sir David Steel made it a point of crossing the road to offer personal condolences to Carolina's mother who was clearly moved by the support.