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18th August 2022, 16:50

95% pass rate for The Rock's A-Level students

A-Level students on The Rock achieved an overall pass rate of 95% across public schools, representing an improvement not only on 2020, but also on the three years leading up to the pandemic. Last year’s 97% pass rate was not based on exams.

Having missed their GCSE and AS exams due to covid restrictions, it was a brand new experience for most. This had led to predictions in the UK that grades may be lower on average this year as a result – UK media has reported on the biggest drop in A grades on record from one year to the next – 60,000 fewer A and A stars.

Iain Triay Clarence spoke to some of the students.

School grounds were still far quieter than pre-pandemic. Students, as in the past two years, again received their grades via email at 9am. Director of Education, Keri Scott says while this was initially a response to Covid, the policy now continues, as it shields students who have underperformed from enduring what she describes as a horrendous experience.

Iain Triay Clarence spoke to the Director of Education, Keri Scott as well as the heads of Bayside, Westside, The College and Prior Park.