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19th November 2023, 12:38

Including Gibraltar in negotiations "very important". Former PM, Theresa May, talks Brexit with Chief Minister at Literary Festival

Published by GBC News

Although Gibraltar featured little in Theresa May’s contribution at the Literary Festival, the former Prime Minister and Home Secretary said that including Gibraltar in Brexit negotiations was something that had been very important to her, with the Rock, very much a part of the British family. Ms May was interviewed by Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo.

The meaning of service and its perceived loss was the underlying theme in Theresa May’s interview on her book ‘The Abuse of Power’. She expressed concerns about Westminster saying politicians aren’t listening and therefore not delivering. Abuse of Power, she said, is a problem- Parliamentary abuse, social injustice and abuse on International policies. Whether, it was, she added, abuse to subjugate or abuse for self-promotion. She highlighted the need to send military personnel to Syria in the fight against chemical warfare, as her hardest decision as Prime Minister, adding they left without knowing if they’d return.

When asked by Mr Picardo whether she’d been surprised by the result of the Brexit Referendum result, she said she’d been getting a feel for it and her biggest surprise was David Cameron’s quick resignation. She gave little insight into the woman behind the politician but spoke of difficult days around the divisive Brexit votes in Parliament. The Commons, she said, had evidently been split into two sets of hard liners on both sides of the debate.

Yet, her aim, she said, had been to deliver a Brexit deal in a way that recognised the concerns of the 48% who had voted Remain.

And the UK’s decision to leave, she admitted, had had an effect on the UK’s International standing although she felt this was improving under Rishi Sunak. She believes the challenge now is for the United Kingdom to make it on its own and not as part of a grouping, something which she feels it’s still adjusting to. As an example of a low ebb, Ms May said there could not be threats of going against International treaties and laws. In contrast- a high point, in her opinion, was the UK’s response to the invasion of Ukraine.

Is Ms May thinking of returning as PM? No. She is focusing on two main issues- Modern Slavery and Climate Change- alongside her parliamentary commitments.

And what does she think of her fellow Prime Ministers?

Liz Truss was not even mentioned.

David Cameron- Progressive.

Boris Johnson- Entertaining

Rishi Sunak- Serious

The interview between Theresa May and Chief Minister Fabian Picardo was held at a packed John Mackintosh Hall, hours before the former Prime Minister left the Rock on Saturday afternoon’s BA flight.