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23rd February 2020, 17:59

Incursion into Gibraltar waters by Spanish warship to be protested by FCO

The Foreign Office will protest an incursion this weekend by a Spanish warship, an FCO spokesperson has confirmed.

The Spanish ship P71 Serviola entered Gibraltar waters off Europa Point on Saturday afternoon.

It was challenged by a Royal Navy RHIB in the first instance, and then also by HMS Sabre. The Spanish vessel was escorted out of local waters.

String of incursions in recent days

It has been a busy period for incursions, with the Spanish navy, customs and air force all carrying out illegal forays in recent days.

The Convent has told GBC all incursions are protested, with the more serious ones (e.g. where executive action is taken) protested more seriously. Its position is that incursions a violation of British sovereignty, but not a threat to it.

(Video courtesy of Gibraltar Coast Watchers)