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13th May 2022, 14:15

​Individuals awaiting delayed welfare payments advised these would be received on Friday

Individuals awaiting delayed welfare payments were advised these would be received on Friday. It followed industrial action taken by Department of Social Security staff regarding a hold up in moving premises. Their previous offices were rendered unsafe in January.

Earlier this month the Government said the action would affect services to the community.

The Gibraltar General Clerical Association says that it has now received a guarantee from the Government that they will have new premises by the 20th June, adding that it does not foresee any further delays to payments.

It highlights, however, that it has taken this level of action to get a guarantee on a date. 

Government response

On Friday afternoon the Government confirmed that all payments due by the 12th May, including cash, will have been completed. It also confirmed that the 20th June is the date that DSS will take over its new premises. It adds that it is actively negotiating with the GGCA and DSS staff on a daily basis relating to the active industrial issues and that no further delays to payments are envisaged at this time.