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22nd February 2021, 18:25

Judge rejects claims of remorse when handing three and a half year sentence for GBH

A 24 year old convicted of grievous bodily harm has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison.

Mohamed Mesmoudi, of Johnstone's Passage, was found guilty of breaking the jaw of a 17 year old girl in an incident dating back to July 2016.

The court heard Mesmoudi punched the victim several times in the stomach following an argument, before breaking her jaw. She did not seek medical assistance until the following day, when she went to hospital, alone. Her injuries required serious surgery using plates and screws.

Staff at St Bernard's Hospital questioned the victim's initial claim at the time - that she had fallen down stairs. Mesmoudialso made this claim about the cause of her injuries in an initial police report. Experienced medical professionals, providing evidence, said they had dealt with many falling injuries, and claimed these very rarely occurred without any defensive injuries to the hands, as was the case here.

During the trial, the court also heard that, days after her surgery, Mesmoudi had struck the victim again, causing her stitches to bleed.

Mesmoudi's sentencing was originally postponed after his defence claimed he was remorseful, and no longer denied his guilt.

However, when delivering the three year and six month sentence, the judge said that Mesmoudi had shown no empathy throughout the trial, and that it was unlikely he should suddenly have become remorseful at this stage.