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8th March 2022, 17:40

Kai and Sophia most popular baby names of 2021 on the Rock

Published by GBC News

The most popular baby names on the Rock last year were Kai and Sophia.

A total of 417 children were born in Gibraltar last year. This is made up of 197 girls and 220 boys. This is an increase on the 383 born in 2020, but less than the 423 born in 2019.

Seven boys were called Kai, which has a number of meanings - including sea and warrior. For girls, the most common name was Sophia/Sofia - with seven babies given the classic Greek name meaning wisdom.

In 2020 Thomas and Ana were the Rock’s most popular names.

Distinctive titles that featured last year include Bonina, Jaylai, Mystra and Valdemar.