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7th November 2019, 18:16

​Late GCSE results for ICT received after nearly three month delay

Bayside school ICT students who sat their GCSE exam this summer have finally received their results.

This comes eleven weeks after the official GCSE results day on 22nd of August. At the time, students were told the OCR Cambridge National exam papers were being held as 'pending' by the Examination Board due to 'technical reasons' beyond the school's control.

At the start of term, students who chose to do ICT A level were given permission to start lessons despite not having received their GCSE result, if teachers felt they were likely to achieve the required grade.

However, GBC understands that this has not been the case for a small number of those students who must now wait to hear if they will be allowed to take up another A level so late into the start of the school year. GBC has put questions to Number Six and we're awaiting their reply.