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24th April 2024, 20:24

Lawyer for Ian McGrail tells UK media Gibraltar does not 'operate as a rule of law jurisdiction'

Published by GBC News

One of the lawyers for the former Police Commissioner, Ian McGrail, has reportedly told members of the UK media that Gibraltar does not, in his experience, “operate as a rule of law jurisdiction”.

GBC has obtained an email that was purportedly sent by Adam Wagner to a number of publications just before the Inquiries Bill was passed in Parliament, shortly before the main hearing of the McGrail Inquiry began.

In an email blast apparently sent from his Doughty Street Chambers address in March, Adam Wagner linked a Transparency International statement on the McGrail Inquiry.

He said the inquiry was set up to examine allegations that Ian McGrail was ousted from his post because the Royal Gibraltar Police tried to carry out a search warrant against a close friend and business partner of the Chief Minister.

Mr Wagner said both Fabian Picardo and his friend – James Levy KC, although not named in the email – were persons of interest in the investigation into the alleged hacking of the national security system.

He then went on to say the investigation led to charges, but that these were discontinued by the Attorney General.

GBC has put it to Mr Wagner that his email could lead the reader to think the charges were brought against Mr Picardo and Mr Levy – instead of against the three men whose case was discontinued with a Nolle Prosequi. The men maintain their innocence.

GBC also asked Mr Wagner why it is his view that Gibraltar does not operate as a “rule of law” jurisdiction. Our questions were sent on the 5th April, and have received no answer.

Mr McGrail’s legal team came under fire from the Government shortly before the main hearing began – with FabianPicardo claiming they had “published and influenced the publication of highly prejudicial, anti-Gibraltar articles in UK newspapers, international publications and journals”.