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18th November 2020, 18:41

​A level & College students will have to wear masks at all times as from Monday

A level and College students will have to wear masks at all times as from Monday in the latest school policy update from the Department of Education.

Younger students are exempted from the new rule.

From Monday, all Secondary school students - that is Bayside and Westside Years 7 to 11, will have to wear face masks while moving within school buildings, except while sitting in class, outside in the playground, or in the lunch area. They will also be exempted from wearing masks during PE, music, drama and dance lessons.

Older students, that is, Years 12 and 13, and students from the College, will have to wear masks at all times. Whilst moving around in their respective buildings and annexes, but also while sat in class. They will also be required to wear face masks during lessons such as PE, Music, Drama and Dance. Older students may only remove masks while outside in the playground and in the lunch area.

Younger children, meaning those in primary schools, will not have to wear masks in any situation. The rule also applies to pupils at St martin’s school. It also extends to Nurseries.

For teachers and school support staff, while the recommendation is they wear masks, those in Primary schools need not do so. In Secondary schools, the recommendation is for teachers to wear masks, but they will be allowed to remove them, if they feel it hinders the efficacy of learning.

All lunch staff across all schools must wear face masks at all times.

The new regulations have been developed in full consultation with Public Health and NASUWT - the teachers' Union. They come into effect on Monday the 23rd of November.

The full policy can be read at education.gov.gi