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7th February 2019, 20:31

​Liquid concrete spillage at new comprehensive schools site; Government confirms scaffolding on its way

A car and two garages at Varyl Begg Estate were damaged when liquid concrete was accidentally spilled at the comprehensive schools construction site on Wednesday.

The Gibraltar Chronicle reported that residents expressed concern over the safety of the site, although nobody was hurt in this incident.

According to a Government spokesperson, the incident has been reported to the Factory Inspector.

The contractor, Casais, had already secured a permit to built a scaffolding over the garages to provide a safe platform. The Government says the scaffolding is on its way to Gibraltar, and is set to be erected on Monday.

The use of the tower crane and hopper has been stopped along the south side of the site until it is installed. The Government says it is satisfied the measures will mitigate any risk, and that the works will continue to be undertaken safely.