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15th May 2018, 22:06

Llamas back in the GSD, Bossino co-opted into executive

Independent MP Lawrence Llamas has been accepted back in to the GSD, and Damon Bossino has been co-opted back into the GSD executive following a vote by the party executive on Tuesday night, GBC understands.

Mr Llamas left the party nearly a year ago over a decision to vote against the budget, which he said at the time he had not been consulted on. The move was shortly followed by the resignation of the then party leader, Daniel Feetham. All GSD MPs voted against the budget, with Mr Llamas voting in favour.

In an executive party meeting on Tuesday night, he was accepted back into the party, meaning the GSD will technically once again have six MPs on the Opposition benches.

And in the same meeting, GBC understands that former deputy leader Damon Bossino, was co-opted into the party executive.

Party leader, Keith Azopardi, would not comment on the developments. Nor would Mr Llamas nor Mr Bossino.