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10th February 2024, 19:40

Local man arrested after knife is brandished in daylight robbery

Published by GBC News

A Police investigation into a robbery on Friday afternoon is ongoing.

A man, brandishing a knife,demanded money from the till in a shop in Cornwall’s Parade. He left when it was handed over to him.

No-one was hurt.

The RGP had received the report of the burglary shortly before 5pm on Friday.

Response Team officers attended the scene within minutes and were joined by detectives and Crime Scene Investigators who took over. They completed forensic work and analysed CCTV footage.

Later that evening, a 36 year-old local man was arrested on suspicion of Robbery and of being in Possession of a Controlled Class A Drug.

He has been interviewed and is currently in police custody. His car was seized and found to contain a quantity of money.

Further arrests have not been ruled out.