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8th November 2019, 12:15

Local man arrested in Spain over €1.5 million New Harbours robbery denied bail at Magistrates court

A local man arrested in Tarifa last month in connection with the €1.5 million robbery at New Harbours two years ago, was denied bail and remanded in custody due to flight risk concerns at the Magistrates court this morning. The money is still missing.

The Policia Nacional handed Hamza Mesmoudi over to the Royal Gibraltar Police at the frontier yesterday, in compliance with a European Arrest Warrant issued by the Supreme Court.
The 29-year-old, who has lived in Gibraltar all his life according to his lawyer, was taken to New Mole House where he was processed and charged with Conspiracy to Rob and Robbery.

In a statement, the RGP confirmed he was originally arrested in June 2017, but left Gibraltar when the court denied a warrant for his further detention, with the crown claiming he took a substantial amount of money with him. He has spent the past two years in Morocco. In court, His lawyer said he handed himself in when he realized he was the subject of a European arrest warrant.

The police said Mr Mesmoudi's latest arrest follows extensive police enquiries, the compilation of Interpol cooperation and forensic evidence. This includes his DNA matching that found on a tie rack used to restrain victims, the prosecution claim.

His case has been adjourned to the end of the month.