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14th September 2021, 14:22

Local man sentenced to 28 weeks for burglary charges

A local man has been sentenced to a total of 28 weeks in prison for two separate burglary charges

Christian Baglietto, 43, broke into an establishment on the 21st of July, stealing over £2,700 in cash, doing £1,200 worth of damage to the slot machine and causing damage elsewhere.

Then, on the 28th of August, Baglietto forced entry into another establishment, stealing an unspecified amount of money from the till and a slot machine.

He pleaded guilty to charges relating to both incidents, for which his sentences were reduced.

In light of the defendant’s multiple previous burglary offences, Stipendiary Magistrate, Charles Pitto, sentenced Baglietto to 16 weeks for the first offence and 12 weeks for the second, to run consecutively.