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2nd January 2018, 19:17

​A local pensioner to be awarded major international life saving honour

A local pensioner will be awarded a major international life saving honour following his heroic efforts this Summer. In July, 73 year old John Chappory rescued a couple in a yacht that had become stranded in the Strait. The Royal Humane Society will now be awarding Mr Chappory with a “Testimonial on parchment Award” in recognition of his bravery.

Back in the summer, Mr Chappory followed the sound of a whistle while out in a misty sea. He then used his small dinghy, powered by just a small motor, to tow the yacht to safety. The couple on board, had been stranded at sea all night, and had had a few near misses from other vessels due to the foggy conditions.

The Royal Humane Society is the premier national body for honouring bravery in the saving of human life. Mr Chappory will receive his Testimonial on Parchment Award at a ceremony to be hosted by the Mayor in the coming weeks.