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8th October 2019, 20:39

Locations & photographs of all fifteen polling stations on the parliament website

The locations and photographs of all fifteen polling stations can be found on the parliament website, parliament.gi.

Each polling station listed has a link to a map to show voters where to go. There are five new polling stations this time round. The Catalan Bay Social Club is being used as a polling station for the first time (Polling Station 1), as well as the former Westside school building (Polling Stations 5 & 6), the Bayside drama studio (Polling Station 3) and the Laguna Estate Social Club (Polling Station 2). Some of these changes have been as a result of the new schools opening.

Registration for voting is open until this Friday, the 11th, together with registration for Proxy voting. Forms for Postal voting need to be in by noon on the 9th of October.