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8th June 2023, 20:18

Long established furniture shop, Acmoda, goes into liquidation

Published by GBC News

It’s been a local staple for almost sixty years. One of those names familiar to generations, Acmoda.

The long established family run furniture shop has gone into liquidation.

The company has ceased trading and all employees have been made redundant. A number of customers who had placed orders have been affected by the sudden closure. 

For decades, 'we all wanted a fitted bedroom from Acmoda'. And for many years, most of us have managed to make our flats into homes with furniture from their stock.

The family run business was established in 1966. And through the years it has worked to keep up with changing trends and tastes.

As part of this drive to keep up with the times and coinciding with the many new housing developments on the Rock, the shop rebranded to the current name of Rooms by Acmoda.

But the company which has been serving the community for almost sixty years has now ceased trading. All 12 employesshave been made redundant.

Kroll Gibraltar Limited have now been appointed liquidators.

Contacted by GBC they have released a statement and tell us they and are in the process of writing to all creditors. These include a number of customers who had pre-ordered furniture and paid considerable sums in advance. The liquidators ask that affected parties and enquiries be sent to a dedicated email address which has been set up.

The furniture will now not be delivered. And many customers have been left out of pocket. But, there might be a chance to recover some of the lost money.

Longstanding shops have a way of becoming an integral part of the local landscape.

Whether it's from hearing their jingles on radio or TV or being able to go someplace where you know the people working behind the counter.

They play an important role in the community fabric. But they face even more fierce competition and some struggle to keep up.