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7th March 2024, 20:13

Luca, Ava and Lucia top 2023 baby names list, as number of births drops

Published by GBC News

318 babies were born in Gibraltar last year.

Boys took the lead with 20 more of them being welcomed into the world - 169 versus 149 girls.

The total number of registered births is down from 2022’s 364 babies and almost a quarter less than in 2021, which saw 417 children registered on the Rock.

Katy Docker spoke to people on Main Street about baby names and possible reasons for the drop in births. 

The most popular name for boys last year was Luca. Five babies were given the moniker which means ‘bringer of light’. It has grown in popularity in recent years, particularly since the release of the 2021 Disney film of the same name.

Closely following in second place was Jack, with four boys given the ever-popular title.

Ava and Lucia share top spot for the girls, with four babies each given these pretty, feminine names.

The origin of the name Ava is uncertain, however Lucia is of Italian origin and means ‘light’.

More unusual names to grace 2023’s list include Ziggy, Godred, Brielle and Ezio.

The UK’s most popular names last year were Muhammad, Noah and Theo for boys. Old favourite Olivia was in first place for girls, followed by Amelia and Isla.

Gibraltar birth figures and most popular names by year:

2018 - 402 babies. Emma & James

2019 - 423 babies. Ethan & Olivia

2020 - 382 babies. Thomas & Anna

2021 - 417 babies. Kai & Sophia

2022 - 364 babies. Sienna, Leo & Elijah

2023 - 318 babies. Luca, Ava & Lucia

You can find the full list of names here.