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4th August 2022, 19:32

Man guilty of one charge of rape, innocent of second charge

At the Supreme Court, a man charged with two counts of rape has been found not guilty of one and guilty of the other.

The incident dates back to 2019 when Dailan Mor was arrested and subsequently charged with raping a young woman at his home.

The jury were to decide whether or not the defendant and complainant had intercourse, if the complainant consented and whether or not the defendant had reasonable belief that the complainant consented.

It was an agreed fact that vaginal and oral sex took place. The question was, did the complainant consent?

The complainant had said she was taken to the defendant's house against her will, but instead of reacting she froze because she was scared.

It was only during oral sex when she told Mor she wanted to go home several times before he stopped.

This point was denied by the defence who said the sexual events that took place were consensual and that the trial was about the complainant's regret and not consent.

The jury of nine took two hours to return a unanimous guilty verdict for the count of oral rape.

For the count of vaginal rape, the jury were given a majority direction and deliberated for a further two hours before returning a not guilty verdict.

After thanking the jury, Judge Karen Rammage Prescott remanded the 26 year old and adjourned the matter til the 15th of September, when Mor will be given a date for sentencing.