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17th June 2020, 17:27

​Mariners advised to maintain safe distance on Thursday while Royal Navy conduct military training at sea

Mariners are advised to maintain a safe distance tomorrow while the Royal Navy conduct military training at sea tomorrow.

HMS Chiddington, HMS Penzance, HMS Sabre and two PAC24 RHIBs will be involved in a surface exercise with high speed manoeuvring and blank firing.

Operation BOX will be taking place on the east side between 10.30am and 2pm. Mariners can contact the Royal Navy and Port VTS on Channel 12 and 16 if required.

Coordinates for the area in which the operation will be taking place:

36 05.46N 005 20.70W

36.05.58N 005 16.10W

36.03.96N 005 16.10W

36.03.97N 005 20.70W