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8th January 2019, 20:41

​Marlene Hassan Nahon accuses Government and Opposition of petty politicking over Brexit

Marlene Hassan Nahon has accused the Government and Opposition of "petty politicking" over Brexit.

In her New Year Message, the Independent MP called for a more constructive and mature approach to Brexitthat focuses on long term contingency plans for business, trade and industry and the frontier.

She said there has not been enough dynamism on matters of future planning, and warned Gibraltar could easily face shortages as a result of a post Brexit delays.

The Independent MP's says she's always believed in supporting the Government throughout Brexit negotiations given that, she says, we are all equally invested in the outcome. Marlene Hassan Nahon says and that the Government should be given the political space it needs, but notes much time has been spent locking horns with the Opposition.

However, she points out that more long-term planning is needed, raising the question of whether Gibraltar can survive out of the EU without the procurement of goods from the UK. She says UK products could be subjected to delays of between three to nine months after the 29th March, meaning Gibraltar could very easily face shortages.

Ms Hassan Nahon recalls the work done by the Together Gibraltar movement on civil rights and the environment, recently progressing to a political party.

With their first Annual General Meeting due to be held on 5th February, the Independent MP says everyone is welcome, when the party intends to set out its vision for the future, ahead of the next General Election.