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11th October 2021, 00:03

Marlene Hassan Nahon says 'vile personal attack' unworthy of the Government letterhead; Government responds

Marlene Hassan Nahon has accused the GSLP-Liberals of making a “vile personal attack” on her on behalf of the Government. The Together Gibraltar leader says a statement issued on Friday on the issue of the St Mary’s rental deal lacked moral principle and was unworthy of the Government letterhead, which should represent all Gibraltarians.

Row erupted over deal for new St Mary's & potential conflict of interest

On Friday, Together Gibraltar joined the GSD in asking the Government to clarify a potential conflict of interest in respect of a rental deal for the new St Mary's School. The Government hit back, branding Ms Hassan Nahon a 'hypocrite’, claiming that much of the “great privilege that she has enjoyed in her life is derived from her association with that firm and the persons who have made it a success”.

Hassan Nahon says she derives zero benefit from the law firm founded by her father

Now, in a personal statement, Ms Hassan Nahon says she derives zero benefit from the law firm Hassans. Her father founded the firm 80 years ago but she says his partnership was dissolved almost 30 years ago. Since then, the firm has been run by her cousin James Levy - she says - “with great success”, but without the involvement of her nuclear family.

According to the Together Gibraltar leader, her father’s estate was managed by her mother until a couple of years ago when she became unwell, at which point she began to represent her mother at meetings, including in relation to some dealings with James Levy in relation to the rental of a couple of her mother’s properties.

Concept of conflict of interest poorly understood by GSLP-Liberal administration, claims Together Gibraltar leader 

Ms Hassan Nahon says the Chief Minister is a partner of the law firm Hassans and is therefore conflicted when making deals with this company on behalf of the people of Gibraltar. 

She claims the concept of conflict of interest is not well understood by many in the GSLP-Liberal administration, arguing that the deal for the new St Mary’s School is not the only one that that has favoured associates or close contacts of members of Government and has slipped through without adequate scrutiny. 

In response to Ms Hassan Nahon, the Government says it is becoming clear that she considers every statement she makes a justified and proper exercise in opposition politics yet every response she receives a 'vile' and 'unjustified' attack.

It says Hassan Nahon dishes out attack after attack and finds it difficult to understand that her vilification of the Government will draw a response.