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6th November 2020, 20:48

Marlene Hassan Nahon talks of green stimulus package to positively shape economic recovery

The leader of Together Gibraltar has argued the Government should consider a green stimulus package, in line with ‘The Great Reset’, the World Economic Forum’s initiative to positively shape the economic recovery from the difficulties brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking to GBC’s Viewpoint on Thursday, Marlene Hassan Nahon called on the Government to keep to its commitment to green mobility and to create a green corridor all along Queensway.

Ms Hassan Nahon said people need to believe in green alternatives, but she said the Government’s implementation of the Line Wall Road scheme has been “shambolic”, and has made people resent green mobility.

She also expressed the hope that Public Health Gibraltar might be able to put in place a solid protocol that would allow for visits to Elderly Residential Services again.

And, Ms Hassan Nahon said she believed the delayed abortion referendum should be possible with the use of technology, proxy and postal voting, as well as socially distanced voting. She said government could be forgiven for a period of time, but said the referendum should not be postponed indefinitely.