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23rd March 2023, 18:42

McGrail: A Brief Timeline

Published by GBC News

The matters relating to the McGrail Inquiry and the events that led up to the former Police Commissioner's arrest on Thursday 23rd March 2023 span a number of years.

Shelina Assomull & Joseph Lathey bring us this timeline which identifies key moments during that period.

February 2017
RGP prevents a royal airforce plane taking off.

May 2018
Ian Mcgrail takes over as commissioner

March 2020
Two men are killed in a collision with an RGP vessel. The Metropolitan Police investigate.

June 2020
Mcgrail retires two years early. The Chief Minister says there’s nothing untoward.

July 2020
Richard Ullger appointed commissioner. Parliament hears interim governor had been ready to suspend Mcgrail. Calls for inquiry begin. Government says it will convene one

September 2020
Three men are charged with conspiracy to defraud, prompted by criminal complaint from Bland Ltd. 

March 2021
The Met Police find no grounds for criminal investigation in the collision at sea incident. The matter is with the Coroner

November 2021
A verdict of unlawful killing at the inquest into the deaths at sea

January 2022
The Nolle Prosequi. Bland Conspiracy to Defraud ends before trial for 'Public Interest' reasons

February 2022
The inquiry is called. Sir Peter Openshaw is identified as the judge.

May 2022
Preliminary hearing set. Attias & Levy appointed as solicitor to the inquiry.

June 2022
Mcgrail says he was under improper pressure from the highest government levels to resign. Government’s view is he retired because he knew he lost the confidence of the CM and the Governor.

September 2022
Mcgrail’s team say improper pressure was placed particularly by the Attorney General after a search warrant for an investigation into the hacking on the National Security Intelligence System – which Bland is responsible for.
Government says many reasons for losing confidence including misleading the Governor on the death at sea incident.

Call for witnesses of the 2017 runway incident, collision at sea or any other factor leading to Mcgrail’s retirement.

November 2022
Data breach affects Inquiry documents.
Attias & Levy suspends a member of staff.
Two people arrested following a report of alleged computer misuse and data protection offences.
The Chief Minister says he has no concerns about himself personally but that the inquiry could be damaging to Gibraltar.

December 2022
McGrail Inquiry delayed by suspected data breach, which is being treated with "utmost seriousness."
Senior Investigating Officer of Police Service of Northern Ireland appointed and leading investigation.

February 2023
McGrail’s lawyers accuse the Government of threatening them with defamation. Judge says the threats were misplaced and regrettable.
Triay Lawyers take over from Attias & Levy.

March 2023
A leaked memo on officers being moved from the RGP surfaces.
Government says people are moved if they make very serious disclosures.

The Nolle Prosequi defendants are granted core participant status in the Mcgrail inquiry and claim legal costs in their original case.

Ullger says the investigation into a data breach in the Mcgrail Inquiry has been widened to include "other matters that are linked".

The following day, Ian Mcgrail is arrested.