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21st June 2022, 18:24

Mcgrail Inquiry set for preliminary hearing

A preliminary hearing of the Inquiry into the retirement of Police Commissioner, Ian McGrail, will be held at the Garrison Library on Wednesday.

In June 2020, Ian McGrail announced his retirement as Commissioner of Police, serving just two of his appointed four years.

The two day session has been set up to deal with procedural and administrative matters and to put in place directions to progress the Inquiry.

Sir Peter Openshaw will be the judge presiding over the Inquiry.

Julian Santos, has been appointed as Counsel to the Inquiry, and Stephen Catania, together with Jemma Emmerson and Sunil Chandiramani as Solicitors to the Inquiry.

The Government has appointed Sir Peter Caruana QC to represent it.

Mr McGrail is represented by Charles and Nicholas Gomez and they have appointed two specialist counsel from the UK, Caoilfhionn Gallagher QC and Adam Wagner from Doughty Street Chambers.