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19th November 2020, 20:10

​Mental Welfare Society highlights lack of transport for patients in Ocean Views among other ongoing issues

The Mental Welfare Society has expressed concern at the fact that patients in Ocean Views still lack access to a specialised bus for the use of patients. It says this issue is of particular importance during the pandemic, as restrictions on visitors mean they are more isolated than ever.

The society also highlights the lack of availability of professionals, saying relatives of service users report that there is no longer a psychologist based at Ocean Views, and that there continue to be unacceptable delays - of months at time, and as long as 9 months in at least one case - for those seeking appointments with psychologists outside the facility.

It says it has also received complaints that only one child psychologist is available in the school system instead of two; an issue it feels must urgently be addressed if true.

The Society reiterates its call for the 2019 Mental Health Audit and the 2020 Mental Health Board report to be published, saying it can only infer from the government’s reluctance to make them public that they are unfavourable - which it says reflects the experience of many service users.