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14th October 2020, 20:57

Mental Welfare Society once again calling for 2019 Mental Health Audit & 2020 Mental Health Report to be published

The Mental Welfare Society is once again calling for the 2019 Mental Health Audit and the 2020 Mental health Report to be published.

Conchita Triay of the Mental Welfare Society says three weeks have now elapsed since the Minister for Health told GBC this would be happening.

The society says the Government's reluctance to publish these documents only serves to create distrust in the system.

It believes the secrecy on the matter strongly suggests the findings will not portray local mental health services in a good light.

It also points out that as a result of Covid-19, some people are feeling more abandoned than ever with service users and their families struggling to get the support they need.

Kevin Ruiz spoke to Conchita Triay.