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14th September 2020, 16:31

Mental Welfare Society reiterates call for publication of reports

The Mental Welfare Society has reiterated its call for the publication of the 2019 Mental Health audit and the Mental Health Board 2020 report.

It says access to these publications is crucial in order for people to know whether the right measures are being taken by those in authority, and crucial too in holding them accountable.

The Mental Welfare Society cites a GBC interview in June with the then Minister for Health, Paul Balban, in which he said both reports would be published. It says three months on, this has not yet happened.

It says it has written to his successor, Samantha Sacramento, to wish her well, and to express the hope that both audit and report will come to light under her ministry.

The Society says it continues to receive feedback from service users who are still very unhappy about aspects of the mental health provision in Gibraltar.

Therefore, it says, in order to have the best chance of getting a system which works effectively for all, professionals and NGOs have to work together with honesty and transparency.

The Society says holding back on publishing audits is not a good way of achieving this, and seems to suggest that the Government has something to hide on the matter.

The Mental Welfare Society says it's aware that some improvements are taking place in the system, due to its regular meetings with mental health professionals.

Nonetheless, it says it's essential that these documents be in the public domain so that everyone knows what's going on.