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21st January 2015, 14:22

Michael Llamas QC appointed Attorney General

Michael Llamas QC has been appointed Attorney General in Gibraltar. He will take over from Ricky Rhoda QC later on in the year. Mr Llamas has been appointed by the Governor, acting on the advice and recommendations of the Specified Appointments Commission, in accordance with the constitution. 

Sir James Dutton has congratulated Michael Llamas on his appointment. The Government too has congratulated Mr Llamas. The Chief Minister says the appointment is appropriate recognition of his legal talent and hard work.

Mr Llamas has been advising the Government for close on twenty years and was appointed its Legal Counsel in Brussels in 1997. He told GBC he's delighted with the appointment, adding he believes it's a good thing for Gibraltar to have a Gibraltarian Attorney General, something not seen since Anthony Coll in 1911.

Number Six says it's pleased that the appointment has been made in good time before Mr Rhoda's announced retirement in May this year, demonstrating, it claims a commitment to succession planning which will not require the important post of Attorney General to remain vacant for any period. It adds it's the first time the Specified Appointments Commission has appointed an Attorney General for Gibraltar with a number of procedural issues having been thrown up by the application, interview and appointment process. As a result, it says, the Government and the Convent have set up a high level working group to agree a protocol to address such issues in the future.