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15th March 2019, 18:46

Minimum retail prices for tobacco to be gazetted every quarter

A bill has been gazetted for an amendment to the Tobacco Act, which will see the Collector of Customs publish minimum retail prices for tobacco quarterly in the Gazette.

This is one of the measures agreed on in the Memorandums of Understanding with Spain, as part of the EU Withdrawal Agreement - which has not yet been passed by the UK Parliament.

GBC asked the Chief Minister whether it would go ahead with this legislation - and other measures in the MoUs- if the Brexit deal fails. The Government says it will address these issues and others in the debate on the Bill in Parliament next week

The gazetted amendment states the minimum retail prices would not apply to duty-free premises at the airport, as well as the cruise and ferry terminals.

The Memorandum on tobacco and other products says all parties decided on the need to reduce the price differential on tobacco.