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1st July 2022, 20:24

Minister for Tourism's travels have cost tax payer over £28,500 this year alone, says Damon Bossino

The Minister for Tourism's travels have cost the tax payer over £28,500 this year alone, according to the shadow spokesperson for tourism.

In his budget address, Damon Bossino questioned the value of the Minister’s trips abroad, with the aim of bringing business to Gibraltar. He said the GSD had doubts about the recently announced city tax and he said there was a fundamental lack of planning on the Government's part in tourism, heritage and housing. 

Mr Bossino highlighted the need for means testing as a way to assist those in real need of homes.

Mr Bossino said the housing needs of those with disabilities needs to be planned for in all new developments where possible. 

He described current plans for the Caleta Hotel as an eyesore and plans for a Marina forming part of the Eastside development as an unforgivable mistake.

He argued that reform of the Development and Planning Commission was required to tackle these issues.

And, Mr Bossino indicated a belief that issues such as abortion could be revisited through party manifestos. 

He said “whatever happens in the future with abortion or any other issue” should be decided by votes cast in general elections, with the voice of the electorate expressed by the MPs in Parliament, instead of demonstrations and festivals.