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28th July 2020, 20:18

Ministry of Environment reminds people to take precaution against mosquito bites

With the summer in full swing, the Ministry of the Environment is reminding people to take precaution against mosquito bites, especially if they are travelling to areas where dangerous mosquito-borne diseases are present.

It highlights that the diseases that can be transmitted by the Asian Tiger Mosquito - such as Dengue Fever, Zika and Chikungunya - are not prevalent anywhere near Gibraltar. However, anyone who has symptoms within three weeks of their return from a country affected by these diseases should consult their doctor.

The Ministry of the Environment advises people to throw out stagnant water, install nets or screens, and wear socks and long trousers.

If in a mosquito-prone area, it recommends repellents comprised by at least 20% of the ingredient named DEET, or a similar alternative.

While air conditioning can deter insects, the Government advises against it at this time - saying good air flow can reduce the spread of COVID-19.