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28th July 2021, 19:53

High number of positive cases among local vaccinated population due to large number who've had their jabs

There have been more positive cases of Covid-19 among the vaccinated population than those who have not had their vaccines.

Of the 451 cases of Covid-19 since the 21st May - 52 were under 16, 301 were vaccinated and 105 unvaccinated. However, the Chief Minister explained that this is due to the large number of locals who have had their jabs.

And there are 32 new COVID cases on the Rock, according to today's statistics. 24 vaccinated individuals and 8 unvaccinated.

6 people are in the COVID ward, with 3 in CCU and 2 in ERS. 643 people are in self isolation and 67 have recovered. The total number of cases 303.