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15th October 2021, 21:32

Most of Gibraltar plunged into darkness on Friday night

Gibraltar was plunged into darkness at 8.32pm on Friday.

Gib Elec told GBC that it was a total blackout, though we understand some homes in Rosia and Europa Point were not affected. A spokesperson for Gibratlar's electricity provider said both engines running at the North Mole Power Station tripped, together with all the stand-alone caterpillar skid generators.

At the time of producing this report, the reason was still unknown. At 9.44pm, Gib Elec said "the power restoration process has now commenced".

At 10.36pm, Gib Elec said power had been restored to all customers affected by the outage.

Anyone still experiencing a power outage was asked to contact Gib Elec's 24/7 Fault Report Service on 58465000 / 58466000.

Gib Elec apologised for the inconvenience caused to customers.

Chief Minister to ask questions of Gib Elec

The Chief Minister took to Twitter to say he would be asking questions of Gib Elec.

"Having spent millions of pounds of taxpayers money on a new power station with more than enough capacity for all of Gibraltar & upgrades to the electricity grid, I am asking questions of Gib Elec on behalf of the taxpayer to understand why we are still suffering power cuts."

The Leader of the Opposition Keith Azopardi and the Together Gibratlar Leader Marlene Hassan Nahon both suggested Mr Picardo should take responsibility.