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16th March 2023, 18:25

Motions and Bills conclude Parliamentary proceedings

Published by GBC News

With questions having been answered quicker than had been thought, Parliament moved onto motions and Bills.

There was what was described as an important constitutional moment with a Bill defining the extent of Admiralty waters and the Naval Base and providing for the appointment of a Kings Harbour Master.

Originally an Order in Council from the UK, today it was Gibraltar's Parliament that took responsibility for legislation in this area.

Another Bill on the agenda allows University students to live on the Rock for a year with sickness entitlements with one amending the Crimes Act to revive the Common-law offence of Conspiracy to Defraud.

All three were passed unanimously.

The GSD Opposition however abstained on a Bill to establish a Gibraltar National Park and a co-ordination Board for it, saying they were unconvinced and felt the legislation carried no value.

A motion on a Code of Conduct for Parliamentarians was also supported by the Opposition, which however said there was room for improvement.