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11th August 2022, 19:44

​Mount Alvernia residents expected to be offered places at new care home in Rooke site

Published by GBC News

Residents of Mount Alvernia who wish to move to a newly constructed care home at the Rooke site are expected to be offered the opportunity to do so.

This has been confirmed by the Government in answers to GBC questions.

This follows a press release by Together Gibraltar on Wednesday, asking the Government if Mount Alvernia is being sold, which the Government denied.

GBC asked if the Government had discussed the sale/lease of the land, or the property or the services provided by Mount Alvernia with any third party, and if residents of Mount Alvernia would be relocated to Rooke.

In a further Press release on Thursday, TG also asked if the residents would be relocated.

Number Six said it does not have, and has not tabled or considered any plans for the sale of Mount Alvernia, and should any sale of Government land occur, it would be in the normal manner by public tender or expressions of interest which would be public and transparent.

It said there were no plans to lease the premises either, and describe this as another summer rumour designed to create unnecessary concern.

GBC also asked whether the Jewish Care Home had been privatised. The Government said the Home had been taken over by members of the Jewish Community at their request.