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21st January 2019, 19:30

​MoUs not legally binding in the event of a No Deal, Picardo tells Aguiriano

The Memorandums of Understanding over Gibraltar have no legal basis if the UK leaves the European Union without a deal, the Chief Minister has told the Spanish Europe Minister.

This follows a series of statements in the Spanish Press where Marco Aguiriano is quoted as having said that the MOUs have 'a life of their own' and can be upheld without a withdrawal agreement between the UK and Spain.

He made these comments following a meeting with Junior Brexit Minister Robin Walker.

The Chief Minister says the position remains as he told the Gibraltar Parliament at the end of last year. - that the MoUs take legal effect only if the Withdrawal Agreement comes into effect. Fabian Picardo says without the Withdrawal Agreement, the MoUs are not legally effective.

However, Mr Picardosays they are a useful basis to build on to soften the blow of a no-deal Brexit.