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8th February 2019, 20:09

MPs vote next week now unlikely next as Brexit deadlock continues

The vote on Theresa May's Brexit deal, which was expected to be put to MPs in Parliament next week, could now take place in March, days before the UK is due to leave the EU. This follows the Prime Ministers latest talks in Brussels which failed to break the deadlock on the Irish backstop.

The latest round of meetings in Brussels were described as "strained", but "robust" with more talks planned for the end of the month. 

MPs might find themselves free on Valentines day after all as Theresa May returned to London without the legally-binding changes to her Brexitdeal she'd hoped for. Once again, European Commission President Jean-Claude Junckerhas ruled this out as European Council President Donald Tusk tweeted there's still no breakthrough in sight

The German Finance Commissioner suggested the chance of a no-deal Brexitis now as high as 60%.

Gunther Herman Oettingersaid if the British side asks for an extension of two or three weeks and there were reasons for that, he believes there is a good chance that member states would accept this unanimously.

Meanwhile, the EU's Guy Verhofstadthas welcomed Jeremy Corbyn's letter to Theresa May, setting out his party's demands for supporting her Brexit deal.

The Labour leader spelled out his party's five demands which included a "permanent and comprehensive UK-wide customs union" aligned with the EU'scustoms rules, but with an agreement "that includes a UK say on future EU trade deals".

Mr Corbyn'sstance has upset Labour supporters of a second referendum. A senior source at No 10 told the BBC, the government was "looking at those proposals but said, there are obviously very considerable points of difference that exist between us.