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15th March 2019, 15:53

Nature Reserve extended to include area by North Gorge

The Nature Reserve has been extended by 40,000m2; the overall area of the entire Nature Reserve after the increase is 2.42 km2.

The area close to North Gorge will now be known as Devil’s Tooth Green Corridor. The name comes from the shape of the rock formation that dominates the site. It was formerly a footpath linking the area of the Naval Hospital to Camp Bay.

The Government intends to open parts of it to the public, on a restricted basis, in future.

The extension includes important cliff formations in the Camp Bay area, connecting these to those south of Little Bay, already within the Nature Reserve, and providing a green corridor extending all the way along Europa Foreshore to Europa Point.

The area has important biodiversity and holds a number of plant species rare in Gibraltar, such as the wild caper, found nowhere else on the Rock, and provides nesting sites for Kestrel and Peregrine Falcon. The habitat will be improved to encourage more biodiversity. saying it's protected a uniquely scenic and little known area of Gibraltar for future generations.

Environment Minister, Doctor John Cortes, has reacted to criticisms of concrete jungles and loss of green areas, saying this step shows the Government’s commitment to preserving important green areas and to environmental protection.

He adds these are areas that are part of our heritage and lost for years under MOD control. The Government, he says, are giving them back to the community which will soon be able to enjoy this long forgotten but stunningly beautiful and unique natural area.”

N.B. An earlier version of this report erroneously stated: "The Nature Reserve has been extended by two and a half kilometres squared". It was updated 18.03.19.