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13th April 2016, 20:11

Nature Reserve restrictions on foreign-registered vehicles

As from the beginning of last week, foreign-registered vehicles are not allowed to enter the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. The Government says this is for environmental and safety reasons, but the GSD Opposition has accused them of introducing the measure surreptitiously and without explaining it.

The Minister for Tourism, Samantha Sacramento, said this is a practice that the GSD implemented when they were in office. She said the visitor numbers to the Upper Rock are expected to increase significantly during this time of the year and this measure is part of their sustainable tourism strategy.

The Minister observed that this new policy would cut down on congestion in the Upper Rock during this busy time of the year, which will in turn allow easier access for emergency vehicles and reduce fumes affecting the wildlife.

She did not confirm whether the Government would go back on their restrictions come the end of Summer, but said it would be considered.