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4th December 2020, 18:02

New 665 bed Hostel will be privately owned and managed, Housing Minister confirms

The Minister for Housing has clarified that the proposed new 665 bed hostel Near Eastern Beach will be privately owned.

Speaking on Radio Gibraltar's Lunchtime Live programme, Steven Linares said the Government's intention is to negotiate with the privately managed hostel as and when it requires rooms.

The plans submitted to the Development and Planning Commission last month said the design principles were employed by Orfila Architects on behalf of the Gibraltar Government.

In answer to GBC questions, the Minister for Economic Development Sir Joe Bossano, confirmed that the Government is involved in facilitating the creation of the asset, in this case the hostel, as part of the National Economic plan.

In a GBC interview last month, Sir Joe highlighted the need to be able to accommodate an external work force.