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12th May 2015, 14:06

New ID Cards ready by late June

The Government is to issue a new Electronic ID Card, with the first of these expected to be ready by late June. The project, which is costing in the region of 1.3 million pounds, was described by the Chief Minister as one of the most exciting developments of his term in office. The card has layers of security features and will be used to access E-Government, services as well as for travel.

The Chief Minister took a break from his paternity leave on Tuesday morning, to co-host a press conference with the Minister for Traffic, Transport and Technical Services, Paul Balban. They described the new card as cutting edge and as one of the most advanced electronic identity cards. The biometric card which will serve as a key to E-Government services will also be ideal for travel. 

The long numbers, on the old cards, which were a problem for travel as computers would not accept them upon entry into countries, especially into the UK, have been shortened to International standards. The card’s main selling point is that it’s secure and includes layers of security features that can not be duplicated.

Civil Servants will be recruited and trained to meet the initial demands. The first Gibraltar identity cards will be ready for issuing next month, with the old cards phased out.