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1st December 2019, 16:42

New information on disappearance of Royal Navy sailor 30 years ago sees search at Trafalgar Cemetery by RGP and Hampshire police

An investigation into the disappearance of a young Royal Navy sailor in Gibraltar over 30 years ago has seen the Royal Gibraltar Police and Hampshire Constabulary team up following new information.

18 year old Royal Navy radio operator, Simon Parkes, went missing on shore leave in December 1986, when the ship he was serving on, HMS Illustrious, was docked in Gibraltar. A manhunt was carried out, but he was never found. His disappearance was investigated in relation to serial killer Allan Grimson, who served onboard the Illustrious at the same time as Simon Parkes.

Now, new information has led a specialist team from the Hampshire Constabulary to fly over to Gibraltar to continue the investigation into Simon Parkes' disappearance. According to statements by the Hampshire and Royal Gibraltar Police, a week-long search is being carried out at the Trafalgar Cemetery. The RGP add detectives from both police forces will be working in close collaboration to pursue further leads.

The Hampshire Constabulary’s Detective Inspector, Roger Wood, said they believe the new information is credible. He added that the work could trigger memories for anyone involved, urging anyone who knew Simon or who has remembered something new in the intervening years to get in touch. You can do so by calling the Hampshire Constabulary and citing Operation Thornhill, by calling Crimestoppers, or by visiting the UK Police Major Incident Public Reporting Site online