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23rd November 2020, 14:06

New Oxford Vaccine shows 70% protection in trials

A third Coronavirus vaccine has finished phase three trials and is ready for rollout, once it is approved by regulators.

The vaccine developed by the University of Oxford stops 70 percent of people developing Covid symptoms, according to trials where twenty thousand people in the UK and Brazil were tested.

This compares unfavourably to the 95 percent results reported by Pfizer and Moderna for their vaccine. However, the Oxford vaccine is much cheaper to mass produce, and easier to store, meaning it can be shipped further.

There are already four million doses of the vaccine ready to roll out once approved over the coming weeks, with a total of 100 million doses pre-ordered by the UK Government.

Earlier this month the Gibraltar Government confirmed the UK would provide Gibraltar with enough doses of a vaccine to immunise the whole of the population over the coming year.