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14th January 2022, 16:57

New People editor issues unreserved apology for use of offensive word

The editor of the New People has issued an unreserved apology for using a word considered offensive to people with disabilities.

A statement signed by Antonio Rocca, says there is no excuse for the failure to spot the offence that the word would create and stressed, it will not be used again.

The paper, whose shares are held in trust by GSLP Leader and Chief Minister Fabian Picardo, notes however, that huge advances have been made in the past 10 years since the GSLP and Liberal Party took office in Gibraltar in respect of all matters affecting people with disabilities.

It says that progress has arisen after many years of under investment.

The New People also notes how closely its articles are read and scrutinised and says it's pleased to see it 'continues to set the political agenda'. It says it will continue to highlight what it calls, the uncomfortable issues, inconsistencies and failures of political opponents, however, it stressed it will do so without employing language that any group may rightly find offensive and which 'might permit opponents the luxury of umbrage.'