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14th October 2019, 20:35

New Primary Care Centre, adjoining St Bernard's Hospital, inaugurated

Published by GBC News

The new Primary Care Centre, adjoining St Bernard's Hospital, has been inaugurated.

It'll see a phased move of services from the old PCC, with the transfer planned to be completed by the end of next month.

The new Primary Care Centre was opened on Monday morning by the outgoing Minister for Health, Neil Costa.

It comprises three floors including the ground floor, and includes the addition of a Minor Operations area in the Dermatology Clinic.

According to acting Medical Director, Dr Krish Rawal, the centre is designed to maximise space and help direct patients to the services they need.

The new PCC is right beside the hospital - with the idea being to facilitate cooperation and access between the health services.

According to Neil Costa, there will be a car park beside Bishop Canilla House, specifically for patients of the PCC and the Children's Health Centre.

The Minister says the Government is finalising friendly discussions with the owners of the ICC to end its lease on the old PCC. He adds the Government "drove a hard bargain" over the rental arrangements for the new centre.

Registration services will be available at the new PCC as from tomorrow, with the transfer of GPs and clinics to be phased in over the next month and a half to minimise disruption. Details will be made available at the old PCC to let you know when you'll need to head to the new one.