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15th October 2021, 22:21

Newswatch bids farewell after 30 years - a rebranded 'GBC News' bulletin will continue to air at 8.30pm on GBC television

Newswatch aired on Friday night for the last time, having been on your screens for over 30 years.

The last Newswatch bulletin ended with a nostalgic look back at three decades of Newswatch.

During this time, the GBC Newsroom has covered major events such as the fast launch riots, the fishing crisis and the proposed joint sovereignty deal.

We brought you the first official visit by a Spanish minister to Gibraltar and simultaneously broadcast live from Cordoba and the Rock for the Cordoba Agreements.

We have been with you for Royal visits, elections, National Days, four referendums, joining UEFA and FIFA and of course throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

GBC News in Brief at earlier time of 7pm, full live TV bulletin at 8.30pm with GBC News

Anchor Iain Triay Clarence said: "Over the years- we've told you the good news and the bad news. We've always tried to tell it as it is. 

"We'll continue to do this - but from our new studio as we launch GBC News.

"Our first live TV update will take place at the earlier time of seven o'clock Monday to Friday - GBC News in Brief.

And then at 8.30, we will continue to bring you a live news bulletin, on GBC News."