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12th January 2022, 14:58

Next lecture in Museum series takes place on Thursday at the John Mackintosh Hall

The next lecture in the Museum series will take place at 7pm tomorrow, at the John Mackintosh Hall. The speaker, Dr Jennifer Ballantine will give a lecture entitled “The Overlaid Past: The Politics of Space and Memory in Gibraltar’s ‘Doubling’ Street Naming Principle.”

This lecture looks at the way in which traditional street names persisted in Gibraltar and the extent of the resistance to the implementation of official street names.

The urban centre of town was mapped by Gibraltarians though their local knowledge and through the use of a linguistically and culturally codified naming principle.

Services personnel and English settlers found this street name system impenetrable and having different names for the same streets generated tensions.

To illustrate these differences, Dr Ballantine will draw on a number of street name lists produced in different historical eras.

The lists also draw attention to the limitations inherent in colonial-style mapping when it was overlaid by the mapping held by Gibraltarians.

The result led to a doubling of names and gave rise, in some respects, of “two Gibraltars”.